In today's tough economic conditions sometimes it is difficult for Ezzard Charles School to meet those needs without help from people like you. We invite yourself, organizations or businesses to donate an item(s) or monetary gift(s).
Ezzard Charles Montessori School
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Benefits of Supporting Ezzard Charles School:

* Your name, organization, or business will be recognized on promotional materials which is received by Ezzard Charles teachers, members, alumni, community leaders, and the community.

* Your donation will also be acknowledged in the Ezzard Charles Newsletter

* All contributions to Ezzard Charles School are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. We are a Non-For-Profit 501C3 organization.

* Our members and alumni lean towards supporting organizations and businesses that donate to Ezzard Charles School.

* Please know that all contributions you make will positively impact the school and the children we teach. *